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Lebanon, Timeshare resort

Lebanon Timeshare Resorts


Lebanon, officially the Lebanese Republic is a small, largely mountainous country in the Middle East, located at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon is bordered by Syria to the north and east, and Israel to the south. Until the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990), the country enjoyed remarkable regional prosperity. It was considered the banking capital of the Arab world and attracted large numbers of tourists, to the point that the capital Beirut became widely known as the "Paris of the Middle East" and Lebanon was widely known as the "Switzerland of the Middle East" due to financial power. Immediately following the end of the war, there were widespread efforts to revive the economy and rebuild national infrastructure, with the first positive results becoming evident in recent years. By early 2006, a considerable degree of stability had been achieved throughout much of the country, Beirut's reconstruction was almost complete, and an increasing number of foreign tourists were pouring into Lebanon's resorts. However, the commencement of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict on July 12, 2006 brought mounting civilian and military casualties, great damage to civilian infrastructure, and massive population displacement.

timeshare resorts in Lebanon

Aley Vacation Clubphone nuber 1-801107 Aley Vacation Club
ratingratingratingratingratingLebanon, Aley, Aley
Batroun Village Clubphone nuber 6-744333 Batroun Village Club
ratingratingratingratingratingLebanon, North Lebanon, North Lebanon
Ehden Country Clubphone nuber 6-560651-2 Ehden Country Club
ratingratingratingratingratingLebanon, Ehden, Ehden
Elysee Residence Suitesphone nuber 1-744850 Elysee Residence Suites
ratingratingratingratingratingLebanon, Beirut, Alhamra
Mena House Clubphone nuber 3-234460 Mena House Club
ratingratingratingratingratingLebanon, El-Metn, Top of Chalemar Hills
Monte Rosa Feytrounphone nuber 3-624895 Monte Rosa Feytroun
ratingratingratingratingratingLebanon, Beirut, Keserwan
Pineland Resort and Country Clubphone nuber 5-380000 Pineland Resort and Country Club
ratingratingratingratingratingLebanon, Hammana, Mountain Lebanon
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