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Furusatokun Uzushiohen - Japan
Timeshare resort

Timeshare resort Furusatokun Uzushiohen - Japan

Timeshare resort
Furusatokun Uzushiohen resort
Furusatokun Uzushiohen resort
Furusatokun Uzushiohen resort
Furusatokun Uzushiohen resort
Timeshare resortTimeshare resortTimeshare resort


 Furusatokun Uzushiohen

Takasago 112-1




phone nuber  88-6873331

nearest airportTBA

5 miles / 8 kilometers

Timeshare resort Furusatokun Uzushiohen - Japan

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The resort faces the Naruto Straits, which blessed with natural beauty, is located in the Seto-Inland National Park. The quiet and serene beach is ideal for swimming and fishing. There are indoor water pool, training room, fitness room, hot spa, rent-a-cycle, mini theater, etc. Or spent the afternoon enjoying the wonderful scenery from the cafe located at the loft.

Furusatokun Uzushiohen, room features
 Room features:
  room featuresAIR CONDITIONING (all)  room featuresCARPET (all)  room featuresTELEPHONE (all)

Furusatokun Uzushiohen, on site amenities
 On site amenities:
  room featuresEXERCISE EQUIPMENT  room featuresLAUNDRY  room featuresRESTAURANT  room featuresSAUNA  room featuresSWIMMING POOL  room featuresTENNIS  room featuresJACUZZI

Furusatokun Uzushiohen, nearby amenities
 Nearby amenities:
  room featuresBEACH  room featuresFISHING  room featuresMEDICAL FACILITIES  room featuresSCUBA DIVING  room featuresWINDSURFING

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