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Hotel Karuizawa 1130 - Japan
Timeshare resort

Timeshare resort Hotel Karuizawa 1130 - Japan

Timeshare resort
Hotel Karuizawa 1130 resort
Hotel Karuizawa 1130 resort
Hotel Karuizawa 1130 resort
Hotel Karuizawa 1130 resort
Timeshare resortTimeshare resortTimeshare resort


 Hotel Karuizawa 1130

1453-2 Kanbara




phone nuber  279-866111

nearest airportTBA

5 miles / 8 kilometers

Timeshare resort Hotel Karuizawa 1130 - Japan

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Located at the foot of Mt Asama, which is about 1130 m high, you will enjoy the splendid grand scenery of the mountains. View Mt Shirane or Mt Asama from any of the windows at the resort! The activities available are hot water pool; fitness gym; tennis court, etc. Or you may refresh yourself at the spa which is an open-air bath. Sauna and jacuzzi are available too.

Hotel Karuizawa 1130, room features
 Room features:
  room featuresAIR CONDITIONING (all)  room featuresCARPET (all)  room featuresTELEPHONE (all)

Hotel Karuizawa 1130, on site amenities
 On site amenities:
  room featuresEXERCISE EQUIPMENT  room featuresGAMES ROOM  room featuresGROCERY  room featuresDISABLED  room featuresHEALTH CARE  room featuresLAUNDRY  room featuresPLAYGROUND  room featuresRESTAURANT  room featuresSAUNA  room featuresSNACK BAR  room featuresSWIMMING POOL  room featuresJACUZZI

Hotel Karuizawa 1130, nearby amenities
 Nearby amenities:
  room featuresTENNIS

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