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Vestlia Residence - Norwegen
Timesharing appartement

Timesharing appartement Vestlia Residence - Norwegen

Timesharing appartement
Vestlia Residence resort
Vestlia Residence resort
Vestlia Residence resort
Vestlia Residence resort
Timesharing appartementTimesharing appartementTimesharing appartement


 Vestlia Residence



3580 Norwegen


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Timesharing appartement Vestlia Residence - Norwegen

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[updating] Beautifully decorated units located in the main building are 2 bedroom units for six persons which have double beds, double sofa bed,2 bathrooms, full kitchen, TV and a balcony;1 BR units for four persons which have double bed, double sofa bed, a bathroom,full kitchen,TV and a balcony and hotel suites for two persons with double bed, a bathroom, TV and a minibar. Chalet units located about 150 m from the main building are 3 bedroom units for six persons with double bed in one bedroom and bunk beds in the 2nd and 3rd bedroom, a double sofa bed in the living room, full kitchen, TV, sauna, fireplace and a terrace. Pets are not allowed. Smoking is not permitted in the units. Reception is located in Vestlia Hotel. Inform late arrival in advance to the resort,arrival e-mail: booking@vestlia.no Website: www.vestlia-residence.no

Vestlia Residence, raumeigenschaften
  raumeigenschaftenTEPPICH (einige)  raumeigenschaftenSPüLMASCHINE (einige)

Vestlia Residence, auf resort
 Auf resort:
  raumeigenschaftenSTRAND  raumeigenschaftenBOOTFAHRT  raumeigenschaftenKONFERENZ  raumeigenschaftenSKISTEIGUNG  raumeigenschaftenÜBUNG AUSRüSTUNG  raumeigenschaftenFISCHEN  raumeigenschaftenSPIEL-RAUM  raumeigenschaftenGOLF  raumeigenschaftenSCHöNHEIT OBACHT  raumeigenschaftenPFERDE  raumeigenschaftenSEE  raumeigenschaftenWäSCHEREI  raumeigenschaftenENTERTAIMENT  raumeigenschaftenSPIELPLATZ  raumeigenschaftenGASTSTäTTE  raumeigenschaftenSKI-SCHULE  raumeigenschaftenCAFETERIA  raumeigenschaftenSPA  raumeigenschaftenSWIMMINGPOOL  raumeigenschaftenTêNIS  raumeigenschaftenJACUZZI

Vestlia Residence, nahe gelegene Annehmlichkeiten
 Nahe gelegene Annehmlichkeiten:
  raumeigenschaftenMEDIZINISCHER SERVICE  raumeigenschaftenTELEFON

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