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Sun Resorpia Atami - Japan
Timeshare resort

Timeshare resort Sun Resorpia Atami - Japan

Timeshare resort
Sun Resorpia Atami resort
Sun Resorpia Atami resort
Sun Resorpia Atami resort
Sun Resorpia Atami resort
Timeshare resortTimeshare resortTimeshare resort


 Sun Resorpia Atami

13-93 Higashi




phone nuber  557-835959

nearest airportTokyo Narita

70 miles / 113 kilometers

Timeshare resort Sun Resorpia Atami - Japan

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Atami is a seaside town facing the Bay of Sagami. One of Japan's leading resort areas, Atami is nicknamed "the Riviera of the Orient." Admire the fabulous oceanfront view from the resort, then enjoy the many attractive beaches and hot springs nearby. The resort offers an outdoor pool and a restaurant as well.

Sun Resorpia Atami, room features
 Room features:
  room featuresAIR CONDITIONING (all)  room featuresCARPET (all)  room featuresTELEPHONE (all)

Sun Resorpia Atami, on site amenities
 On site amenities:
  room featuresCONFERENCE  room featuresGAMES ROOM  room featuresELEVATOR  room featuresRESTAURANT  room featuresSNACK BAR  room featuresSWIMMING POOL  room featuresJACUZZI

Sun Resorpia Atami, nearby amenities
 Nearby amenities:
  room featuresGROCERY  room featuresLIVE ENTERTAIMENT  room featuresMEDICAL FACILITIES

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