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Rey Zenit Kinosaki - Japan
Timeshare resort

Timeshare resort Rey Zenit Kinosaki - Japan

Timeshare resort
Rey Zenit Kinosaki resort
Rey Zenit Kinosaki resort
Rey Zenit Kinosaki resort
Rey Zenit Kinosaki resort
Timeshare resortTimeshare resortTimeshare resort


 Rey Zenit Kinosaki

1220 Ojima




phone nuber  769-282810

nearest airportOsaka

100 miles / 161 kilometers

Timeshare resort Rey Zenit Kinosaki - Japan

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Kinosaki is a destination for hot spring fans. Kinaosaki has a feeling of the past, aided by the picturesque Otani River that flows through town. Its banks are crowded with willows and cherry trees (which bloom in April), and stone arched bridges span its waters. In the summer you can swim on the Sanin Coast, 10 minutes away by bus. In winter, skiing is available near the hot springs. Be sure to take the cable car to the top of Mount Daishi, and as you descend, stop by the Onsenji Temple. Or explore the trail that goes from the spa to the Genbudo caves.

Rey Zenit Kinosaki, room features
 Room features:
  room featuresAIR CONDITIONING (all)  room featuresCARPET (all)

Rey Zenit Kinosaki, on site amenities
 On site amenities:
  room featuresLAUNDRY  room featuresSWIMMING POOL  room featuresTELEPHONE  room featuresJACUZZI

Rey Zenit Kinosaki, nearby amenities
 Nearby amenities:
  room featuresBEACH  room featuresBOATING  room featuresFISHING  room featuresSCUBA DIVING  room featuresTENNIS

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