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Apartamentos timesharing apartamentos timesharing Nova Zelândia apartamentos timesharing Turner Heights Townhouses

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Turner Heights Townhouses - Nova Zelândia
Apartamento timesharing

Apartamento timesharing Turner Heights Townhouses - Nova Zelândia

Apartamento timesharing
Turner Heights Townhouses acomodação
Turner Heights Townhouses acomodação
Turner Heights Townhouses acomodação
Turner Heights Townhouses acomodação
Apartamento timesharingApartamento timesharingApartamento timesharing


 Turner Heights Townhouses

Top of Turner Street


Nova Zelândia


telefone  3-4428383

o aeroporto o mais próximoQueenstown

4 milhas / 6 quilómetros

Apartamento timesharing Turner Heights Townhouses - Nova Zelândia

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[updating] The townhouses are Alpine in character thus creating space, light and freedom in every room. The townhouses feature television, washer/dryer and carport. 2brm sleeps 6 with queen bed, 2 twin beds and 2 sleeper sofas. Some units have 1 bathroom and some have 1 & 1/2 bathrooms. 1brm sleeps 4 with double bed, sleeper sofa and 1 bathrooms. The resort is at the top of a steep hill. Disabled and elderly guests may have concerns with walking to the resort. A small complimentary Welcome Pack of essentials is provided. There are no planned activities for guests. Please contact the resort as soon as possible for late arrivals.

Turner Heights Townhouses, características do quarto
 Características do quarto:
  características do quartoTAPETE (toda)  características do quartoMICROONDA (toda)  características do quartoTELEFONE (toda)  características do quartoMáQUINA DE LAVAGEM (algumas)

Turner Heights Townhouses, em amenities do local
 Em amenities do local:
  características do quartoJACUZZI

Turner Heights Townhouses, amenities próximos
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