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Apartamentos timesharing apartamentos timesharing Santa Lúcia apartamentos timesharing Oasis Marigot

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Oasis Marigot - Santa Lúcia
Apartamento timesharing

Apartamento timesharing Oasis Marigot - Santa Lúcia

Apartamento timesharing
Oasis Marigot acomodação
Oasis Marigot acomodação
Oasis Marigot acomodação
Oasis Marigot acomodação
Apartamento timesharingApartamento timesharingApartamento timesharing


 Oasis Marigot

Marigot Bay P.O. Box 387


Santa Lúcia


telefone  800/263-4202

o aeroporto o mais próximoVigie

8 milhas / 13 quilómetros

Apartamento timesharing Oasis Marigot - Santa Lúcia

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[updating] All units are private sea houses that are 1BR OCC: Max 4/Pri 4 and have 3/4 bath (shower only), 1 queen bed, 1 sleep sofa, and feature a full kitchen. On the upper floor is a large covered veranda overlooking beautiful Marigot Bay. No pets allowed. A signed credit card voucher is required at check-in and returned within 14 days after departure. There is a NON-REFUNDABLE US$50 service charge per week. Check-in at 4pm, check- out at 10am. Electricity in St. Lucia is 220 Volts. It is suggested to bring a small converter to suit your needs. Elderly and handicapped access is difficult - many stairs to the units. All units have 2 floors - no elevator. There is no TV or air-conditioning, however, units have two ceiling fans. Resort is quiet and secluded with the emphasis on relaxation. There are fees for use of water-sports, diving and sailing activities. Nearby you will find a Nature trail for hiking. Internet cafe at the resort.

Oasis Marigot, características do quarto
 Características do quarto:
  características do quartoMICROONDA (toda)  características do quartoTELEFONE (toda)

Oasis Marigot, em amenities do local
 Em amenities do local:
  características do quartoALUGAR UM CARRO  características do quartoPRAIA  características do quartoBARCOS  características do quartoLAVANDERIA  características do quartoENTERTAIMENT VIVO  características do quartoRESTAURANTE  características do quartoMERGULHO  características do quartoNATAçãO  características do quartoWINDSURFING

Oasis Marigot, amenities próximos
 Amenities próximos:
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