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Apartamentos timesharing apartamentos timesharing Malásia apartamentos timesharing MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn

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MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn - Malásia
Apartamento timesharing

Apartamento timesharing MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn - Malásia

Apartamento timesharing
MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn acomodação
MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn acomodação
MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn acomodação
MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn acomodação
Apartamento timesharingApartamento timesharingApartamento timesharing


 MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn

402 Soi Rewadee
Rama VI Road
Samsennai, Phayathai


10400 Malásia


telefone  2-6186688

o aeroporto o mais próximoBangkok International

12 milhas / 19 quilómetros

Apartamento timesharing MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn - Malásia

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[updating] Your air-conditioned unit includes telephone,television & refrigerator. Hotel unit:Max 02/Pri 02 has 1.0 bath & Queen bed or twin beds. 1BR unit:Max 04/Pri 02 has 1.0 bath,Queen bed, double pull-out sofa and a partial kitchen with microwave. There is a restriction on pets. Resort hotel on-site contacts are Tel:66-2 -6186688 or 6186699;Fax:66-2-6186363 for emergency matters. The resort's Central Reservation Center can be reached at Tel:662-6540595, Fax: 662-6540596.Email: hcs@hutch-ap.com The resort provides free temple and city tours to all RCI exchange members. The tour takes about 3.5hrs and no food and beverage will be provided.60Baht admission fee at the temples is required at the gate. Please kindly confirm your request to hcs@hutch-ap.com or fax to 662-6540596 Your nearest RCI office is in Singapore. Tel:65-6223 4333.

MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn, características do quarto
 Características do quarto:
  características do quartoCONDICIONAMENTO DE AR (toda)  características do quartoTELEFONE (toda)  características do quartoMICROONDA (algumas)

MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn, em amenities do local
 Em amenities do local:
  características do quartoALUGAR UM CARRO  características do quartoCONFERêNCIA  características do quartoEQUIPAMENTO EXERCíCIO  características do quartoCUIDADO DA BELEZA  características do quartoLAVANDERIA  características do quartoELEVADOR  características do quartoRESTAURANTE  características do quartoSAUNA  características do quartoSPA  características do quartoNATAçãO  características do quartoJACUZZI

MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn, amenities próximos
 Amenities próximos:
  características do quartoBARCOS  características do quartoPESCA  características do quartoMANTIMENTO  características do quartoENTERTAIMENT VIVO  características do quartoFACILIDADES MéDICAS  características do quartoSHOPPING

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