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Apartamentos timesharing apartamentos timesharing Coréia do Sul apartamentos timesharing Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong

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Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong - Coréia do Sul
Apartamento timesharing

Apartamento timesharing Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong - Coréia do Sul

Apartamento timesharing
Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong acomodação
Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong acomodação
Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong acomodação
Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong acomodação
Apartamento timesharingApartamento timesharingApartamento timesharing


 Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong

San 389-7, Gongse-Ri


Coréia do Sul


telefone  31-7718311

o aeroporto o mais próximoIncheon International

68 milhas / 109 quilómetros

Apartamento timesharing Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong - Coréia do Sul

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[updating] Your air-conditioned unit includes a telephone,TV,1.0 bath & partial kitchen. Studio:Max 02/Pri 02 have a double bed.2BR:Max 04/Pri 04 have a Western room with a double bed & a Korean room with ondol(tatami bed) Please note that 2 Br unit has Korean bed and members cannot request for any other bed type. Bowling is located on-site. Additional Charges: Sauna KW4000(adults) & KW3000(below 6 yrs) swimming KW5000(adults) & KW4000 (below 6yrs). KNTO Tourist Information Center(Seoul office: 1330 ; Kimpo airport Int'l terminal office: 82-2-6650086 or or 6680986) VERY IMPT: IT YOU ANTICIPATE LATE ARRIVAL PLEASE CONTACT THE RESORT 4 DAYS PRIOR TO THE CHECK IN DAY FOR RESERVATION NUMBER. OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE DENIED ACCOMODATION. The swimming pools are open in summer only usually between 10th July to 20th August. Your nearest RCI office is located in seoul, korea: 82-2-557-5004

Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong, características do quarto
 Características do quarto:
  características do quartoCONDICIONAMENTO DE AR (toda)  características do quartoTELEFONE (toda)

Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong, em amenities do local
 Em amenities do local:
  características do quartoCONFERêNCIA  características do quartoQUARTO JOGOS  características do quartoMANTIMENTO  características do quartoHAIRDRESSER  características do quartoCUIDADO DA BELEZA  características do quartoZONA DO JOGO  características do quartoRESTAURANTE  características do quartoSAUNA  características do quartoNATAçãO

Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong, amenities próximos
 Amenities próximos:
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