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Apartamentos timesharing apartamentos timesharing Barbados apartamentos timesharing Bougainvillea Beach Resort

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Bougainvillea Beach Resort - Barbados
Apartamento timesharing

Apartamento timesharing Bougainvillea Beach Resort - Barbados

Apartamento timesharing
Bougainvillea Beach Resort acomodação
Bougainvillea Beach Resort acomodação
Bougainvillea Beach Resort acomodação
Bougainvillea Beach Resort acomodação
Apartamento timesharingApartamento timesharingApartamento timesharing


 Bougainvillea Beach Resort

Maxwell Coast Road

Christ Church



telefone  246/418-0990

o aeroporto o mais próximoGrantley Adams International

5 milhas / 8 quilómetros

Apartamento timesharing Bougainvillea Beach Resort - Barbados

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[updating] Each unit is air-conditioned and has a telephone, television, and a microwave oven. Studio units have a mini kitchen; all other units have a full kitchen. Studio OCC: Max 2/Pri 2 have 1 bath and a king bed. Studio OCC: Max 4/Pri 2 have 1 queen bed and 1 queen pull out sofa. 1BR OCC: Max 4/Pri 4 have 1 bath, 1 king bed and a sleep sofa or 2 double beds and a sleep sofa. 2BR OCC: Max 6/Pri 4 have 2 baths, 1 king bed, 1 queen bed and a sleep sofa. 2BR OCC: Max 8/Pri 6 have 2 baths and either 3 king beds and a sleep sofa or 1 king bed, 2 double beds and a sleep sofa. 3BR OCC: Max 8/Pri 8 have 3 baths, 3 king beds and a sleep sofa. No pets allowed. A US$200 security deposit is required at check-in payable by credit card. A service charge is also required for each unit/week: studio - US$18; 1BR - US$29; 2BR - US$41. Immigration requirements include proof of citizenship and a return or onward ticket. The departure tax is about US$20 per person. A valid driver's license and Barbados permit are required to rent a car. Resort has 3 floors - no elevators.

Bougainvillea Beach Resort, características do quarto
 Características do quarto:
  características do quartoCONDICIONAMENTO DE AR (toda)  características do quartoMICROONDA (toda)  características do quartoTELEFONE (toda)  características do quartoTAPETE (algumas)

Bougainvillea Beach Resort, em amenities do local
 Em amenities do local:
  características do quartoALUGAR UM CARRO  características do quartoPRAIA  características do quartoCUIDADO DE CRIANçA  características do quartoNATAçãO CRIANçA  características do quartoEQUIPAMENTO EXERCíCIO  características do quartoQUARTO JOGOS  características do quartoCUIDADO DA BELEZA  características do quartoLAVANDERIA  características do quartoENTERTAIMENT VIVO  características do quartoZONA DO JOGO  características do quartoRESTAURANTE  características do quartoBAR  características do quartoNATAçãO  características do quartoTENNIS  características do quartoWINDSURFING

Bougainvillea Beach Resort, amenities próximos
 Amenities próximos:
  características do quartoMANTIMENTO  características do quartoSPA

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