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Chalets la Falaise - Canada
MultipropietÓ appartamento

MultipropietÓ appartamento Chalets la Falaise - Canada

MultipropietÓ appartamento
Chalets la Falaise alloggio
Chalets la Falaise alloggio
Chalets la Falaise alloggio
Chalets la Falaise alloggio
MultipropietÓ appartamentoMultipropietÓ appartamentoMultipropietÓ appartamento


 Chalets la Falaise

Rue du Plateau

QC Quebec

G0A 1E0 Canada


telefono  418/827-8347

aeroporto pi¨ vicinoQuebec

40 miglia / 64 chilometri

MultipropietÓ appartamento Chalets la Falaise - Canada

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[updating] Your vacation home has a TV with VCR, DVD, full kitchen with dishwasher, garbage disposal and microwave oven. The 2 and 3 bedroom units have a washer/dryer. 1BR OCC: Max 4/Pri 2 have 1 bath, 1 queen bed and 1 double murphy bed. Recommended occupancy is 2 people. 2BR OCC: Max 8/Pri 4 have 1.7 baths, 1 queen bed, 2 twin beds and sleep sofa. 3BR units OCC: Max 8/Pri 8 have 2 baths, 2 queen beds, 2 twin beds and sleep sofa. Maximum occupancy is strictly enforced. A car is required to fully enjoy the area. No pets are allowed. Units are on 2 floors. The staircases are quite large and they do not have a railing. Daily or mid-week cleaning is available for a fee. Nearby facilities are available for a fee. Security deposit will be required at check-in. Notify the resort if late arrival is anticipated. If you do not contact the resort you will not be able to access the unit until the next day. To receive phone calls during your stay, your phone number is 1-418-827-8712.

Chalets la Falaise, caratteristiche della stanza
 Caratteristiche della stanza:
  caratteristiche della stanzaMOQUETTE (tutte)  caratteristiche della stanzaLAVAPIATTI (tutte)  caratteristiche della stanzaMICROONDA (tutte)  caratteristiche della stanzaTELEFONO (tutte)  caratteristiche della stanzaLAVATRICE (alcune)

Chalets la Falaise, sulle amenitÓ del alloggio
 Sulle amenitÓ del alloggio:
  caratteristiche della stanzaLAVANDERIA  caratteristiche della stanzaCAMPO DA GIUOCO  caratteristiche della stanzaSAUNA

Chalets la Falaise, ad amenitÓ vicine
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