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Hanwha Resort Seorak - South Korea
Timeshare resort

Timeshare resort Hanwha Resort Seorak - South Korea

Timeshare resort
Hanwha Resort Seorak resort
Hanwha Resort Seorak resort
Hanwha Resort Seorak resort
Hanwha Resort Seorak resort
Timeshare resortTimeshare resortTimeshare resort


 Hanwha Resort Seorak



217-130 South Korea


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Timeshare resort Hanwha Resort Seorak - South Korea

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Hanwha Resort Seorak is located in Sokcho City. Sokcho is a coastal city in the northeastern part of Gangwon-do.It's major industries are aquatic products and tourism. Flanked by the East Sea and Mt. Seoraksan, Sokcho is an extremely popular tourist destination.Autumnal tinted leaves that blanket Mt. Seoraksan in fall attract a myriad of visitors and the beaches along the East Sea are popular in the summer. The finest comprehensive family resort in Korea and has an 18-hole golf course with its beautiful scenic landscape, water park and spa Waterpia,and the Seorak Plaza land amusement park at the heart of Mt. Seorak.

Hanwha Resort Seorak, room features
 Room features:
  room featuresAIR CONDITIONING (all)  room featuresTELEPHONE (all)

Hanwha Resort Seorak, on site amenities
 On site amenities:
  room featuresCHILD POOL  room featuresCONFERENCE  room featuresEXERCISE EQUIPMENT  room featuresGAMES ROOM  room featuresGOLF  room featuresGROCERY  room featuresELEVATOR  room featuresLIVE ENTERTAIMENT  room featuresMEDICAL FACILITIES  room featuresPLAYGROUND  room featuresRESTAURANT  room featuresSAUNA  room featuresSHOPPING  room featuresSNACK BAR  room featuresSPA  room featuresSWIMMING POOL  room featuresJACUZZI

Hanwha Resort Seorak, nearby amenities
 Nearby amenities:
  room featuresCAR RENTAL  room featuresBOATING  room featuresFISHING  room featuresHAIRDRESSER  room featuresLAKE  room featuresLAUNDRY

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