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Ole Works Inn - Britische Jungferninseln
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Timesharing appartement Ole Works Inn - Britische Jungferninseln

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Ole Works Inn resort
Ole Works Inn resort
Ole Works Inn resort
Ole Works Inn resort
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 Ole Works Inn

P.O. Box 560
Cane Garden Bay


Britische Jungferninseln


telephon  284/495-4837

nächster flughafenTortola

15 meilen / 24 kilometer

Timesharing appartement Ole Works Inn - Britische Jungferninseln

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[updating] The 18 room Inn built on a 320 year old restored sugar factory, provides the warmth and hospitality one needs while on Vacation. Expect sun and fun at Ole Works Inn located across the street from Quito's which features live music most nights. All rooms are air conditioned and are equipped with ceiling fans and refrigerators. Most have a private balcony, varying bed structures and a view of the beach.

Ole Works Inn, raumeigenschaften
  raumeigenschaftenKLIMAANLAGE (alle)  raumeigenschaftenMIKROWELLE (alle)  raumeigenschaftenTELEFON (alle)

Ole Works Inn, auf resort
 Auf resort:
  raumeigenschaftenSTRAND  raumeigenschaftenKIND-SWIMMINGPOOL  raumeigenschaftenENTERTAIMENT  raumeigenschaftenGASTSTäTTE  raumeigenschaftenSWIMMINGPOOL

Ole Works Inn, nahe gelegene Annehmlichkeiten
 Nahe gelegene Annehmlichkeiten:
  raumeigenschaftenMEDIZINISCHER SERVICE

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