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Hotel Superdecameron Isla Palma - Kolumbien
Timesharing appartement

Timesharing appartement Hotel Superdecameron Isla Palma - Kolumbien

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Hotel Superdecameron Isla Palma resort
Hotel Superdecameron Isla Palma resort
Hotel Superdecameron Isla Palma resort
Hotel Superdecameron Isla Palma resort
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 Hotel Superdecameron Isla Palma

Archipielago San Bernardo

SUCR Sucre



telephon  315-731-6662

nächster flughafenCartagena International

75 meilen / 121 kilometer

Timesharing appartement Hotel Superdecameron Isla Palma - Kolumbien

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[updating] MANDATORY ALL INCLUSIVE PROGRAM, 2007 FEES: Adults US$35 per adult/per day; Children US$26.5 child/per day (6 / 12 years old).Children under 6 are free. The program includes: all meals, snacks, open bar, non-motorized water sports and scuba diving lessons for beginners. All units have color television with satellite dish and air conditioning. Hotel units OCC: Max 4/Pri 2 have 1 double bed, 2 twin beds and 1 bathroom. The reception area is located at the resort entrance. Please notify the resort if late arrival is anticipated at 575/655- 0123 between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Monday to Friday. Daily maid service is provided. No pets are allowed.

Hotel Superdecameron Isla Palma, raumeigenschaften
  raumeigenschaftenKLIMAANLAGE (alle)

Hotel Superdecameron Isla Palma, auf resort
 Auf resort:
  raumeigenschaftenSTRAND  raumeigenschaftenBOOTFAHRT  raumeigenschaftenENTERTAIMENT  raumeigenschaftenSPIELPLATZ  raumeigenschaftenGASTSTäTTE  raumeigenschaftenTAUCHEN  raumeigenschaftenCAFETERIA  raumeigenschaftenTELEFON  raumeigenschaftenTêNIS  raumeigenschaftenNAUTISCHER SCHI  raumeigenschaftenJACUZZI  raumeigenschaftenWINDSURFING

Hotel Superdecameron Isla Palma, nahe gelegene Annehmlichkeiten
 Nahe gelegene Annehmlichkeiten:
  raumeigenschaftenFISCHEN  raumeigenschaftenMEDIZINISCHER SERVICE

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